E-bike India launches a range of ebikes which are easy to ride and inexpensive.

We offer an E-bike that can cover 45 km per charge of the battery at a max speed of 25 km per hour. The cost per Km is just about 7 paise which is the cheapest possible. The battery is rechargeable and ready to cover another 45km. There is no petrol, no pollution, no traffic fines and many such advantages. Just recharge the battery for 4-6 hours using just about ½ unit of electricity. And the biggest advantage we offer is that our E-bike kit is fitted into any normal bicycle to which the concerned person is used to and it will function like an E-bike. Or you can buy a duly fitted E-bike. It is very easy to pedal this bicycle if required.

Speed at 25 km. per hour can be faster than bus which can achieve only 15 km per hour in city traffic.

The motor will last a long time with little care and no maintenance cost except what a cycle needs.