HB Consulting & Services highly regarded for its practical and result-oriented approach firmly believes in providing total quality support to all its Clients.   Its consultancy services are designed and specially tailored to meet any individual company’s needs in developing and implementing quality improvements within its Quality Systems and management functions.  Our business philosophy is based on the belief that the company and our clients will growth together.  Therefore, ensuring that our clients growth their business by utilizing our services is the ultimate vision and expertise of HB Consulting & Services.   Internationally affiliated, HB Consulting & Services strength lies in its ability to interact its Clients as partners in designing and implementing corporate-wide initiatives which set the foundation for enhanced the organizational performance. 

Founded and staffed by a group of highly qualified and dedicated professionals, HB Consulting & Services offers unique solutions to Organizational challenges based on the proposition that today’s problems cannot be solved using yesterday’s logic. 

With our Vision 2020 at our doorstep, organizations have little choice but to depend solely on the quality of their products and services in order to drive a competitive environment business.  As a Management Consulting firm, we specialize in the following areas : 

•           Quality Management Systems•           Internal Quality Audit•           Total Quality Management•           Quality Improvements•           5S Japanese Housekeeping

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